About Us

Our strong skills and leadership capabilities have increased our sales quickly. Given our hairdressing background and extensive knowledge in the field, we have a unique perspective on what salon professionals and their clients are looking for from a product company. We believe it is necessary for us to provide the ultimate in quality products and education. Just as important is our commitment to support our industry with integrity and passion.

There's nothing quite like the beauty of healthy, radiant hair. Its vitality and color shine in a way that can't be denied in the way it lights up a room and lifts the spirit

Somewhere along the way, through all the cuts and colors,bangs and blowouts, hair starts to lose its radiance and shine, because what makes us happy about our hair, and what makes hair happy, are not always one and the same. We know they don't have to be. We believe healthy hair is happy hair. Each and every one of our product innovations are designed to  return hair to its strongest,shiniest, most radiant state, even after the first application, and with every application afterwards. It's not just a promise, it's a guarantee.

Our mission is the share the joy of Healthy hair with as many salon professionals and as many clients all over the world.

Our Mission

We eat, sleep and breathe beautiful hair. We distribute unique, top quality products. We design creative imagery that inspires the imagination. We surround ourselves with the most talented artists and teachers in the industry. We are 100% committed to the growth of the global salon community. Because healthy happy hair is our passion.

Our Core Values


We value our people most, so our goal is to create an environment that is challenging but positive. We reward a job well done. We believe that ideas can come from anywhere, and we always encourage everyone to make a contribution.


We keep our standards high yet realistic because results speak for themselves. We subscribe to a fair business process. We don¹t make promises that we can't deliver on,and we don¹t expect more than we give. We believe in preserving and protecting our planet, and ensure that our business practices don¹t have a negative effect on mother nature.


We show respect for each other and we embrace each other's differences and believe we're stronger as a company because of our diversity.We believe is constructive, because it means a superior product and the delivery of a superior service.


We get along well with others. We understand that growth and profit for our partners means growth and profit for us too, so we make them an integral part of our decision making process. We are not just saying that, it's how we really operate.


We believe in providing products of superior quality. We distribute products that contain the finest, most beneficial ingredients in the world. We travel far and wide to offer you the very best selection of hair care products!


We mean business. When we put our minds to something, we get it done! We aim for perfection, and we keep trying until we get it right. We spend time looking for solutions.


We make promises, we don't break them. We are here to serve the salon community, period. We make every effort to ensure our products stay in in the hands of the professional. We are transparent in the way we do business and we take responsibility for our policies.